Hair Care Find - Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Collection, Inc. Carol's Daughter has long been a fantastic resource for curly hair, dry hair and textured hair. Their latest collection is a brilliant idea which brings together the technology to transform curly/textured hair into smooth straight hair when desired, and keeping it healthy, shiny and even more amazing straighter - longer.

It's also a nice bonus that the collection is based on the nourishing properties of the cacao bean, and also has an amazing fragrance that's a sophisticated blend of chocolate with a beautiful floral touch.
Beginning with the shampoo hair is instantly smoother and softer without being weighed down.

It detangles hair as you wash and gets it ready for the next step, the conditioner. The conditioner is thick and creamy and coats the hair but leaves hair smoother and shinier. For those of you with curly, loosely curled or naturally wavy hair, you can use just these two products for a looser air-drier curl.
However, if you are ready to blow dry for a straight look, it's the third product in the collection which is makes the magic. It's the smoothing blow dry cream.

Apply to damp hair and depending on your drying technique, you can either let it dry naturally and then flat iron, or you can blow dry and then flat iron for the finishing touch. I loved the shine, bounce and the healthy vibrant feel of the hair after heat styling. Hair has the ability to get much straighter without the dreaded breakage or dryness (or frizz!) at the ends - and a great amount of body and movement. One thing to note is this is a hair system primarily for keeping hair straight and smooth and frizz free. If you also have dry hair, you will need to add a lightweight daily hydrating product like a serum or spray to hair for best results.

After smoothing the hair, with this collection hair has the ability to maintain the straightness of a fresh blow out for at least 3+ days with no additional flat ironing - amazing! - RLB

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Bibby Garcia, Carol's Daughter's official Blow Out expert, and who was also voted #1 Latina Hair Stylist in America by LATINA magazine, shows you how to get a great blow out using the Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Collection, below.

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