Beauty Innovation - Rickys Magnetic Pin Bracelet

Rickys NYC Magnetic Pin Bracelet Beauty Review

A few weeks back I told you about how excited I was by new jewelry that doubled as ponytail holders and headbands...

Well now I have a magnetic wristband from Rickys NYC Pro line to that I'm also loving right now!

It's a rubberized slap bracelet with a thin, powerful rectangle magnet where you would typically see the face of a watch, for example.

It's perfect for wearing before blowing hair out, setting hair, etc. so that you have easy access to all your metal-based pins, clips. It's also stylish enough to wear on its own and add clips during the day for use before the gym, putting hair up for a night out, etc.

The band is light and super easy to slide on/unwrap when you're ready.

I'd love to see it in more colors and finishes, and perhaps some designer collaboration prints on the bands in the future too! - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Rickys NY PR for reviewing purposes.

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