Body Care Find - Votre Vu Tres Magni-Feet

Votre Vu Tres Magni-Feet, Inc. While many of us around the country are currently having a rather mild winter so far, the air is still decidedly dry.

So I decided to try a new foot cream to get my skin soft and supple again this season.

Votre Vu Tres Magni-Feet is now what I automatically reach for at night before bed and post shower.

I love this rich cream with it's divine lemon verbena scent and a hybrid texture that is like that of a gel cream crossed with a petroleum jelly.

The cream also contains chamomile, menthol to refresh feet and ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter which allows this cream to penetrate deep into heels and other easy-to-become-dry parts of feet. It absorbed fairly quickly and didn't leave a greasy or oily feel - just feet that were silky smooth and baby soft! - RLB

Votre Vu Tres Magni-Feet, Inc.

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