End-of-Winter Trend Alert: Charcoal Nail Shades

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End-of-Winter Trend Alert: Charcoal Nail Shades

Keeping up with nail polish trends can be tricky enough - now, with the added awkwardness of the transition phase between winter and spring, you've got yourself a real stumper. But don't fret - it's time to say 'so long' to your blacker-than-black tips and lighten up (just a little) with a charcoal or gunmetal polish.

Charcoal still has that edgy sophistication of
black, but has a bit more depth and mystery in its cloudy, slightly-shimmery finish. Last year, no one could get enough of matte gray shades, so consider charcoal to be the sexy, updated 2012 answer to last year's fad. If glitter is your thing, don't miss Nars' Night Breed with its lustrous silver glitter. RGB's Slate and ButterLondon's Chimney Sweep also have sparkle but with a considerably more subtle, shimmery finish. On the other hand, Deborah Lippmann's Stormy Weather is the perfect creamy granite shade - no sparkle here! - while Forever21's Charcoal shade allows you to experiment with the trend without burning a whole in your wallet!

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