Get Your Caffeine Fix With Barista Bath & Body's Coffee-Infused Skin & Haircare

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Get Your Caffeine Fix With Barista Bath & Body's Coffee-Infused Skin & Haircare

If you've resolved to cut back on your caffeine intake for 2012 like some of the crazy people I know, you're likely seriously jonesin' for a cup of joe by now! If you don't mind, I'm going to go ahead and keep sippin' away at my 6 cups a day (don't hate), but I do have a lil somethin' that might help you get your caffeine fix, no double-shot non-fat no-foam latte required! Barista Bath and Body is all about creating natural skin and hair products that promote our bodies' natural ability to rejuvenate, and to infuse that same joe-induced joy into their products that we coffee fiends get from sippin' our macchiatos, jitter-free!

But wait - coffee for your skin? Barista incorporates organic coffee, coffee extract, essential oils and herbal extracts to take advantage of the beautifying benefits of coffee, like reducing the appearance of cellulite and promoting hair strength, elasticity and shininess. The products themselves are also adorably packaged and cleverly named, from the One Lump or Two exfoliating scrub to the Perk It Up energizing shampoo, so they're not only a great way to get your fix and beautify yourself, but also make perfect gifts too!


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In case you're interested, we did the calcuation to see how much caffeine could be absorbed through your skin:

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Wow I have never heard of coffee in beauty product so far, sounds original!