3 Secrets to Saving Money in Drugstores

I LOVE sharing my Drugstore Buys and Budget Beauty Finds with you often on this blog.

Drugstores are excellent for buying cosmetics basics like pressed powder and mascara, body care, sun protection and shampoos in bulk, and trying trendy colors/products like colored mascara, glitter eyeliner and temporary hair highlighting kits, at very reasonable prices.

They're also great for trying new international brands like Vichy and Boots No. 7 which often cost less in the US, as brands are trying to build a bigger presence here.

Here are 3 secrets to saving even more when you shop in your local drugstore or on a drugstore's website:

1. Utilize Coupon Sites
Some of the are: Redplum.com, Coupons.com and RetailmeNot.com, which search the web for drug store deals and offer coupons you can use in store and online. A new one called RecycleBank.com gives you savings points to major brands like Pantene when you green up your beauty routine - e.g. reducing paper towel/tissue usage and recycling product containers. Save1.com is a family owned coupon and loyalty site representing more than 5,000 of the top online merchants.  What's unique about Save1.com is that when someone shops from the site, they also provide a healthy meal to a malnourished child through one of their non-profit feeding partners.

2. Read Drugstore Blogs
There are blogs which are unaffiliated with drugstores which still aggregate the best weekly deals, rebates and unadvertised deals at all drugstores, like SundaySaver.com, SimplyCVSShopping.com and IHeartRiteAid.com.

3. Try store brands
Many stores like CVS, Rite Aid and Duane Reade have very good store brands and exclusive store lines which are packaged almost identically to name brands and often contain the same exact or similarly performing ingredients as their more expensive version sitting by their side. - RLB

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