Beauty Tool Find - Slice Pencil Sharpener

Slice Pencil Sharpener ReviewSlice Pencil Sharpener Review If you're a makeup artist or an average makeup lover, you've spent hard earned money on high quality eye liners, pencils and lip crayons.

That's what you need this modern, effecient new pencil sharpener designed by product design legend Michael Graves (also known for his line of household products sold at Target) for the Slice company.

Slice specializes in products which "Sharpen, Slice and Tweeze". They also have a nice selection of eye brow tweezers for precise and easy tweezing.

The small, compact sharpener contains dual German blades which allow you to sharpen
thin to thick (8mm to 12mm) cosmetic pencils and crayons. This should cover almost all your pencils and crayons. The shavings are housed in a handy cleaning-pack within the sharpener. The sharpener is soft with a rubberized finish which I found nice to hold and use.

The best part is the innovative design and extra features won't break the bank! It's just $9.99. - RLB

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