Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Helps Us Get an Even, "Mega-Bright" Skin Tone!

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You don't have to be acne-ridden, addicted to indoor tanning, or someone who's aging ungracefully in order to suffer from a less-than-stellar complexion. Almost all of us deal with some form of unsightly redness or blotchiness, dark spots, or dullness, and Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins has a must-have fix-it product that just may spare you from drastic (and expensive) professional treatment.

Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum may not be magic, but it's got to be the next best thing – just apply onto clean skin in the morning and evening before bed to visibly reduce skin imperfections after just 4 weeks! Its natural ingredients help make skin brighter, more even, and more luminous, and even helps protect against future irritation and discoloration. Plus the gentle, lightweight formula applies smoothly so it's never heavy or sticky, and it's safe for all skin types, providing potent results without irritating sensitive skin!

- Alexandra Gambardella

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