Hair Accessory Find - Hairbanglez

Hair Accessory Find - Hairbanglez Review A few weeks ago I shared a really cool hair band/jewelry hybrid with you.

This week I have another unique way to store your hair bands. Hairbanglez are actual bangle bracelets which store and camouflage your bands at the same time.

The were created by company founder Karin Zanella, a woman who always wanted to have her hairbands nearby. They feature a groove where you can put your hair elastic. Voila! The hair elastic is placed within the groove in a black bangle, which when stacked, looks like it's actual modern jewelry.

The bangles come in two sizes, Classic and Skinny, and currently only in Black (so your bands would need to be black in order to be invisible. The company is exploring adding more shades/finishes for the bands as well. I love this idea and these also make a perfect little beauty gift for someone as well! - RLB


*This product was provided courtesy of Hairbanglez PR for reviewing purposes.

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