Hair Gets Sleek, Straight & Frizz-Free With Bumble and bumble's Concen-straight Smoothing System!

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umble and Bumble's Concen-straight Smoothing System review

If you've been buying Brazilian Blowout flash deals like they're going out of style (or, more realistically, are going to be banned in the semi-near future), then Bumble and bumble may have the perfect new product to add to your at-home hair care arsenal. Bb's Concen-straight at-home hair-sleekening system uses a unique blend of pearl, tourmaline, Brazilian green malachite, and sapphire powder to relax the hair's natural tendency to curl, taming it and making it sleeker for more manageable styling.

Whether you have really unmanageable, coarse hair and dream of sleek smoothness in the future, or just want to beat the average frizz,
Bumble and bumble's got it covered with a formula that suits all hair types and beats the kink, curl, and frizz for up to 30 shampoos! Straightening with a flat iron finally gives you the nearly-effortless smooth results you've always wanted, blow-drying helps give you sleek style with plenty of body (without making your hair look like a blown-out lion's mane), and air-drying (with no added product or heat) is actually a possibility! What do you think - would you forgo the pricey salon treatment for the sake of trying this treatment at home?

- Alexandra Gambardella

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