Lusting Over Illamasqua's Untold & Ruthless Nail Duo!

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Illamasqua Untold + Ruthless Festive Nail Duo Review

Christmas and all its accompanying holiday chaos may be behind us (unless of course you still have loads of reject presents to return), but that's no reason to toss all the gorgeous holiday makeup aside like your mother's tacky hand-me-down decorations!

In fact, just because a collection is branded for holiday doesn't necessarily mean it's too dated or that it's gone out of style - unlike a Christmas CD playing nonstop through January (ugh!), repurposed holiday beauty doesn't have to scream 'Christmas' unseasonably! Take Brit-based
Illamasqua's holiday nail varnish, for example - like the Untold & Ruthless Festive Nail Duo. Red nails are having a serious moment for 2012, so it's time to take full advantage of this gorgeous, on-trend duo of scarlet shades, no matter what the branding! With a high-gloss formula and the perfect healthy amount of glitter, these shades make a serious statement when worn alone, but are even more stunning when worn together for a show-stopping sparkly effect!

- Alexandra Gambardella

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