Men's Fragrance Find - AXE Anarchy For Him Deodorant Body Spray

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When you think of AXE you may think of those funny commercials in which a few sprays on an unassuming, average looking guy turn him into a WOMAN MAGNET that can't control all the women who want to get a hold of him...

Well, I know first hand that not only does AXE smell really good, but men buy AXE - but they buy lots of it. It's a great price, combines a fragrance with a deodorant and it's easy to toss into a gym bag, briefcase or travel duffel.

The latest AXE scent, AXE Deodorant Body Spray Anarchy AXE Anarchy For Him Deodorant Body Spray Review, is a very different concept for Axe because it's the first which has a female fragrance counterpart (Anarchy for Women). While the female version is a light floral with a soft spicy dry down, you should also pick up this one up for the man in your life, maybe even for a little Valentine's Day small gift. It starts out bright and clean with slight fruit and citrus and becomes a really warm, sensual spicy scent. It lingers, but it's never overwhelming. Watch out, it may make him "irresistible" though! (LOL) - RLB

Go--> AXE Deodorant Body Spray Anarchy 150 Ml / 5.07 Oz

*This product was provided courtesy of AXE PR for reviewing purposes.

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Andrew said...

I love this product, it's awesome.