Two-Toned Lips Courtesy of Cover Girl Flipsticks

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Cover Girl Flipsticks Review

As much as I love a bargain (especially a beauty-related bargain), I'd be lying if I said I frequently find particularly exciting or innovative makeup finds at a drugstore. In fact, nowadays drugstore makeup is rarely even that much cheaper than your average Sephora buys, much less more innovative. But I gotta hand it to Cover Girl's new Flipsticks - a lip color duo (one matte shade, one shimmery shade) designed to be worn together for the perfect multi-faceted, enviable pout. I've read plenty of makeup tips that advise gals to layer multiple lip colors, using a shimmery color in the center of your mouth to emphasize shape and fullness.

However, I'm more likely to slap on one coat of lip gloss and never reapply for the rest of the night than actually spend time customizing my lip color for maximum effectiveness with multiple products. But now that
Cover Girl was smart enough to do the work for me and pair two coordinating shades in one handy product, I'm definitely tempted to try out this ombre-inspired lipstick look, especially if it's going to give me a Sofia Vergara-esque pucker (at least, that's what the ad has me thinking)!

What do you think - are you digging Cover Girl's new double-sided Flipsticks?

- Alex Gambardella

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