Locks Stay Lush Between Treatments Thanks to Minardi Luxury Color Care

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Minardi Luxury Color Care Review

Unless you've been compulsively refreshing your email inbox waiting for the perfect hair salon deal to arrive (like I have!), salon visits for professional hair coloring can get really pricey. And there's nothing worse than paying top dollar for a quality treatment, only to have your fabulously expensive new shade fade after a few washes. Haircolor expert to the stars Beth Minardi may not feel your pain herself, but she certainly sympathizes, which is why she's created her own line of color treatment products - Minardi Luxury Color Care. This way, you can spare yourself the salon visits every 6 weeks and just take better care of your color - making the most of each application by nourishing your locks with the right products.

Whether your 'do is thirsty and requires plenty of moisture, or has the tendency to get easily weighed down by too much product, Beth has the product for you with a series of conditioning wash and after-wash treatments that range from lightweight to ultra-conditioning. The result is lush, color-rich hair that stays that way much longer! Plus, taking care of your hair in your own home certainly beats spending hours on your rear in the salon chair!

- Alexandra Gambardella

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