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This guest post is courtesy of Elena Donovan Mauer for Completely You

I’m a fan of kissing. (Who the heck isn’t?) And I recently read that kissing is actually good for you. It burns calories (two to six a minute), makes you happier (by helping release endorphins) and even boosts your immune system. Unfortunately, though, some of our best beauty habits actually make us, well, anti-kissable. Case in point: When I went to a wedding a few weekends ago, I decided to wear dark plum lipstick with shiny gloss over it. I looked totally hot, but I’m sure no one would have touched my lips with a 100-foot pole for fear of turning purple too.

So, if you want to score some smooch time, here’s what you’ve got to do:

Smooch Strategy No. 1: Freshen your breath.
It’s not just your lips but your whole mouth that has to be, um, approachable. So in addition to brushing your teeth and flossing before leaving the house, try a mint-flavored lip balm or a swish of mouthwash for extra zing!

Smooch Strategy No. 2: Be an interesting date.
Who hasn’t screwed up a date or two by being nervous or shy? But if you want to connect lips, you’re going to have to make a social connection too. Ask your date lots of questions to find things you have in common and try to be open and enthusiastic. Smile!

Smooch Strategy No. 3: Keep your lips soft and smooth.
Dry, cracked lips are a total turnoff. I like to wear Vaseline or Blistex Lip Medex on my lips at night and exfoliate with a soft scrub such as Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish in the morning.

Smooch Strategy No. 4: Don’t go too shiny or too dark.
If you know you’re going to want some smooch time, this is not the night for dramatic lips (like the shade I wore to that wedding). Instead, use a tinted lip balm. Or select a lip color that’s just a shade or two darker than your natural lips and make sure the product is longwearing. As much as guys like the way we look with lipstick, sometimes the thought of coming in contact with it freaks them out -- especially if it’s dramatic, sparkly or shiny.

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Elena Donovan Mauer is Completely You’s beauty and lifestyle blogger. She has written for Self, The Knot and iVillage, and is the co-author of two books on relationships, The Good Girl's Guide to Living in Sin and Have Sex Like You Just Met ... No Matter How Long You've Been Together.

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