We Love Accent Nails! 3 Polish Pairings You Must Try

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I can't take all the credit (or blame?) for my most recent nail polish obsession. In fact, when accent nails first became popular, I wasn't really a fan at all – I was too attached to the beautiful uniformity of my regular/boring manicures (kind of a big deal since I only recently was able to grow my brittle nails to the same length)! However, I can't deny that the statement-making look is really starting to grow on me, and when one of my equally style-obsessed friends recently showed me her fresh mint tips with a teal glitter accent nail, a new infatuation was born. After all, I am a sucker for glitter, especially accent glitter.... and what better way to embrace spring and summer than with a mermaid mani? Right – there is no better way, but I do have a couple other fabulous polish pairings that may also float your boat!

Nude and coral: neutral hues and "naked" nails have been the hot trend for a couple seasons now, so amp up the look with an accent nail in the second-hottest hue – coral! I love Deborah Lippmann's Girls Just Want to Have Fun for the perfect vibrant coral, and the celebrity favorite HIPPxRGB collabo has a series of Nail Foundations so you can find your perfect nude shade!

Show your school pride! March Madness is fast approaching, so flash your colors (and impress your guy friends with your dedication) with a spirited polish duo. I chose blue and "gold" (maybe the Bruins will have better luck this year), courtesy of OPI's The It Color and Orly's Snowcone shade.

...And let's not forget the mermaid look! My personal favorite, as far as the perfect mint shade is concerned, is China Glaze's Refresh Mint. Paint all nails with the sea foam shade, then choose one accent nail to top with the glitter overlay, shown above in Milani Jewel FX in Teal.

- Alexandra Gambardella

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