Long Hair Gets a Helping Hand From Kérastase's Cristalliste Collection!

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Kerastase Christalliste Collection Review


It's okay, I can admit it – I know I'm a hairstylist's worst nightmare. I'm one of those clients who waltzes into a haircut appointment, almost unwilling to part with any significant length of her hair, even though it's fried with at least 3 inches worth of tortured split ends. I know it's ridiculous, and I do want healthy hair, but I also want long hair... and unfortunately both those things together are rarely found in nature, especially when you have a close relationship with your flat iron. 

That is, until the hair experts at Kérastase released their brand-new Cristalliste collection, designed just for girls like me who want to keep their hair's luscious length without carting around the dull, frizzy "baggage" that often comes with it. The 5-piece collection covers all our haircare bases – from cleansing to conditioning and finally, protecting – infusing the brand's innovative "Liquid Light Complex" to keep hair luminous, lightweight, and healthy, from root to tip. Of course, this won't completely eliminate the need for regular micro-trims, so this haircut-phobe will just have to suck it up for the sake of gorgeously long hair! 

- Alexandra Gambardella

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