Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control Treatment

Neutrogena All in 1 Acne Control Product Review

 Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control Treatment is a very impressive acne treatment that addresses 3 important problems many of us have when it comes to acne. It works to fight blemishes you have currently have, prevent new ones from forming and help lighten dark marks left form previous acne breakouts. 

I was able to test it in a small area when I occasionally get breakouts and I was very impressed to see that over time, none formed. I used it 2x day for a few weeks and then reduced to 1x day after cleansing. 

I loved the lightweight texture and how easily the white cream absorbed into my skin  and dried to an invisible finish. This way I was able to wear it under makeup without having to worry about any white, chalky tell tale signs that sometimes occur with acne treatments. 

 What's also very nice about this treatment is that it never over dried my skin, keeping it instead very soft and smooth and never irritated my skin. By the way, early on, when I first started testing the product and used it on an actual blemish, this treatment dried it and faded it away within 2 days - fantastic! - RLB 

*This product was provided courtesy of Neutrogena PR for reviewing purposes.


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Kim said...

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