Pantene Pro-V Restore Beautiful Lengths Smoothing Balm

Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lenghts Smoothing Balm Product Review
Pantene Pro-V Restore Beautiful Lengths Smoothing Hair Balm is one of those genius hair products that come along every so often that you didn't exactly know you needed until you tried it.

This balm first of all, is quite versatile: it works equally well with naturally straight, curly, wavy and chemically straightened/relaxed hair alike. It also does quite well with several problems many of us face with our hair at one time or another. 

It first and foremost helps prevent hair breakage so your hair can actually grow to it's best potential/length.  It also works very well to keep both fly aways and frizz to a minimum - all day.

You can use this balm on both damp and dry hair.  On damp/wet hair it serves as a bit of a leave in conditioner as well as detangler.  The texture is very thick and creamy but it melts into/spreads along with hair very easily and is very lightweight in feel once it's absorbed into the hair.  This allows it to never weigh hair down or create a lot of build up.  Hair can either be heat styled afterwards (works well with heat protectant spay) or left to be air-dried. After blow-drying in particular, I found the hair to be silky smooth, shiny with a lot of movement (and great scent too!) and very healthy looking.

This is also a great product is you're looking for more of a conditioning pomade for slicking hair back or creating ponytails/updos.  If you're using it this way you can experiment with it on dry or damp hair.  It provides a beautiful shine and softness, and also gives hair control without becoming dry or sticky. It's pretty concentrated so only a full pump is needed for short to medium hair (or two/three) for longer/very thick hair.  If you need this strictly for a hair treatment to prevent additional hair breakage, you can use it before bed as well as during the day just on the ends and you will notice much less hair in your comb/brush with daily useAs always with Pantene, the price for this great product is amazing too! This is one to stock up on. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Pantene PR for reviewing purposes.

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