Stick Blushes For The Perfect Flush On The Go!

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Stick Blushes For The Perfect Flush On The Go!

I never used to be much of a blush girl; my morning routine back in my acne-ridden high school years usually consisted mainly of just trying to cover up all my natural rosiness and unsightly redness with plenty of foundation. Now that I can actually afford to let my skin breathe by taking it easy on the coverup, I'm all about accentuating my skin tone with the right bronzers and blushes, and I often find myself feeling naked if I forget and leave the house without some color on my cheeks! Luckily, some of our favorite blushes – both high-end brands and their more accessible lookalikes – are making the perfect summer flush even easier to achieve for the busy gal, in the form of stick blushes. 

Forget the fluffy brushes and fragile compact powders (not to mention the effort required to apply and blend seamlessly) – these cream and gel-based formulas sweep on easily by allowing you to apply directly onto the skin or with your fingers for a lightweight, summer-friendly finish! Pictured above: Shiseido Accentuating Color Stick, Charlotte Ronson Double-Ended Blush & Bronzer Cream Stick, NYX Stick Blush, Bonne Bell Blush 'n Go Cheek Stick, and NARS The Multiple Blush. - Alexandra Gambardella  

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