Drugstore Buy of the Week - Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish

On Thursday, I attended a fantastic kick off event for the new Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish line - complete with celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch (a few of the women from reality television show, Mob Wives!).  Phillip took us through the year's color trends on the runway and on the red carpet and showed us how they translated to the new line's 40 colors.  The shades are broken into the bold, bright shades (note: some dry matte, but are not labeled as such), the Metallics, the Denim collection and their Shredded collection (which is similar to the shattered nail polish effect you've seen for the last year or so).

Overall, for the price point, which is about $3-$4, this is a great line to pick up for their  incredible array of colors when you're in the mood for a shade or effect change.  My favorite shades are: Styled Out from the Denim collection, which really gives the effect of shiny denim jeans (shine), Coral Crush (shine), Bold Gold (shine) and the pretty red, Keep Up The Flame (shine).

These are not billed as fast drying or long wear, so I found that I needed to wait a good 10 minutes for them to be fully dry, and a daily coat of top coat was be needed to prolong wear and prevent chips (about 3 days). 

They will make the perfect inexpensive "accessory" this summer with all your colorful ensembles and beach wear. -RLB

*Samples were provided courtesy of Maybelline for reviewing purposes.

Image courtesy of Maybelline.

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