Nail Polish Find- CHANEL Nail Lacquer, Holiday 617

I recently treated myself to CHANEL's 2012 summer collection nail color, Holiday (#617). 

I tend to gravitate to Corals and Coral-Reds in the summer, and this one is beautiful. Only CHANEL could manage to create a truly unique Orange-Coral in a sea of the Orange/Tangerine shades that dominates in almost every nail line this season. 

The main point of difference is that this shade is a true, shiny Orange but without any pink undertones. It's an orange with just a splash of dark orange/red. One coat goes on slightly sheer but still very pretty, and two give that beautiful true orange which is great on toes especially. 

This is a color which will be perfect for darker skin tones and those of you with a summer tan. The formula is smooth, non-streaky and with a beautiful glossy finish. This is a color to splurge on this summer! - RLB 


Anonymous said...

I just started following you on Twitter and your perfect description of this nail polish colour made me run and buy it today. I am typing this comment as my nails are drying and... This is the exact shade of orange/tangerine I was looking for: absolutely sophisticated! Thank you for this!


Palacinka Beauty said...

AWESOME! First, thank you so much for following me on Twitter...

I'm so glad you like're going to live in this shade this summer. It's worth every penny. :)