Smooth The Summer Frizzies With MoroccanOil's Intense Curl Cream


Haircare brand MoroccanOil prides itself in bringing out the best in all kinds of hair. Whether you've been drowning in a crazy, frizz-ridden 'do for most of your life, or have been stuck with limp, lifeless locks, MoroccanOil is determined to bring a transformation-worthy cure for your coif! And despite the rather specific name, the brand's Intense Curl Cream isn't just for the kinky-haired gals; it's a sleek, non-sticky leave-in conditioner that defines your style, adds glossy shine, and smooths away frizz without leaving any greasy-looking residue. 

While initially designed to help curls and waves get the definition they deserve, it works just as well for straight-haired gals whose dry, flat-ironed or sun-damaged hair has lost its luster. As a girl with naturally wavy, frizz-prone, in-between hair, it serves as a great all-purpose product – whether I'm working it into air-dried curls to tame my hair's natural bushiness, or using it while I straighten to get that perfectly sleek, straight-from-the-salon glossy look. Of course, don't get too excited – a little bit goes a long way, so be sure to use sparingly! - Alexandra Gambardella

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