Drugstore Buy of the Week - Conair Styling Essentials Detangling Comb, Style & Detangle

Conair Styling Essentials Detangling Comb, Style & Detangle is a god send for thick and or long naturally curly/wavy hair. This special Conair design has two rows of teeth which are "wavy" shaped. 

This allows the widely spaced teeth to glide through either wet or dry hair and help eliminate tangles. This is also ideal for combing conditioner through hair for a deep treatment or for using with your leave-in conditioners. 

Tip: If you have very thick hair, for best results, separate hair into 4 sections and use the comb to go through each section while hair is damp. For little ones with curly hair, this is a must have and will make combing MUCH easier and less painful for them. On dry hair this comb goes through curls without "breaking them up" and making hair frizzy. 

This comb is also ideal for smoothing out thick, relaxed, wet hair before a blow out. Great buy and very handy product! - RLB 

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