Organic Beauty Find - Patyka Biokaliftin Repair Face Cream

Patyka has made a name for themselves in both France and the US as a very effective and beautifully packaged range of luxury organic skin care products. 

Their latest daytime/nighttime moisturizer not only has a unique "airless" packaging designed to keep dirt and bacteria out of the product, but it's a soothing, hydrating cream that is a treat to use. Patyka Biokaliftin Repair Face Cream is certified Organic with beautiful, elegant luxe packaging. 

The cream is made with ultra concentrated ingredients like Oat Polysaccharides and Hyaluronic Acid, in addition to Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Raspberry Fruit Extract, Shea Butter, and Sunflower Seed Oil - noted for their healing, toning and skin plumping properties. The cream itself is very light and silky and absorbed into my skin easily. The cream comes out after pressing down on the center of the jar - which is very handy and efficient. About two presses were enough for my entire face. After using daily for a few weeks my skin was soft, smooth and glowing. 

This is designed as an anti-aging cream, so those of you who are more advanced in age with fine lines and very dry skin will benefit the most from this formula, although this is an excellent all-around moisturizer for combo/dry/very dry skin of any age, while traveling in dry air conditions and even post-sun exposure. - RLB

Go-->Patyka Biokaliftin Repair Face Cream available in the US at, and

 *This product was provided courtesy of Patyka for reviewing purposes.

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