Beauty Find - Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Here's a moisturizer from Japanese brand, Tatcha, that has been formulated in a mist spray. 

No better way to transport and apply your moisturizer while on a plane, in a locker room or even at the office. 

Tatcha Luminous dewy skin mist also happens to be in what is probably one of the most beautiful product bottles I've seen in a while. 

But it's the actual product that really impressed me. After cleansing, I sprayed a few pumps of the mist and was amazed with how easy it was to direct to fine spray to all the areas of my face, and how instantly my skin was hydrated - and glowing. 

The texture of the mist is also quite unique - it's a bit of a "milky" one, but penetrated my skin very quickly. There's no additional fragrance, and the mist when dry, it is very lightweight with no sticky feeling. I used this cooler days and days when I was also back and forth from heat to very cold, dry office environment and my skin remained dewy, soft and smooth all day. 

Just a few pumps of the spray were all that was needed, which make this a very reasonable purchase and will last you several months. This spray can also be added on top of make up throughout the day if needed - with no residue, disturbing of makeup or oily finish. Just beautiful, dewy healthy-looking skin. 

If you're thinking this is another "water spray" think again - this is the future of skin care. - RLB 

*This product was provided courtesy of Tatcha PR for reviewing purposes.

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