EXCLUSIVE - Vanessa Williams Talks About Her New ReVitalistic Skincare Line

Vanessa Williams, internationally known, pop-R&B recording artist, producer, dancer, model and actress, is introducing her first skincare and beauty collection – Vanessa Williams ReVitalistic Skincare.

Vanessa recently shared some of her favorite skin care tips and products from the new collection with me in this exclusive interview...

RLB: What is your top tip for keeping makeup fresh during hot/humid weather?
VW: I've noticed that in the hot weather, my skin can get dried out easily, and especially when I'm in the makeup chair on a daily basis. My Re-Quench Anti Age Defense Intensive Moisture Treatment offers deep hydration with triple action anti-aging benefits that shield the skin against damaging free-radical attack. It really helps me out when I need it most.

RLB: What is your daily skincare routine?
VW: I start my day with a glass of lemon water and an application of a skin repair serum, which helps restart the skin to its youthful radiance. After years of traveling, crazy work hours, and never getting enough sleep, I've learned how important it is to keep my skin moisturized, and now I always carry a travel-sized bottle of my moisturizing lotion in my purse. Works every time!

RLB: Do you have a favorite way to perk up skin in the AM after a late night?
VW: My Re-Start Skin Repair Serum is a multi-purpose formulation that helps treat and protect skin against aging, stress, and harmful environmental elements. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and even and has exceptional ingredients to which I was introduced by specialists around the world. It's a must have in the morning for skin refreshment.

RLB: If there's a breakout (pimples, red spots, etc.) right before a big event or shoot, what do you do?
VW: My secret is my Perfexture Triple Enzyme Skin Perfecting Peel. Since I don't like to use harsh complexes on my skin, I created an effective skin peel, gentle enough to be used on my face while traveling or at home days and/or hours before a big event. The peel was made from natural, lactic acid and micro-grains, and my U.S. skin and beauty team added natural pear and papaya fruit extract. This is the secret weapon needed to help us women out, and is one of my favorite products in the collection.

RLB: How has your skincare routine changed over the years?
VW: Over the past ten years, trying to age gracefully in front of the camera, I began to notice how my skin was changing. I've suffered from skin problems for a significant amount of my adult life, and I tried everything from attention to lighting to precise makeup, but despite all of the tricks, I still needed products that were effective in reversing the signs of aging, sun-damage, and years of travel and makeup. I couldn't find anything that worked for me, so I decided to create my own skin care solutions for women everywhere looking for that "perfect product."

RLB: What makes the ReVitalistic skincare line different from the others you've used in the past?
VW: I've edited the skin care process to find the most effective methods for treating all kinds of skin problems that women typically experience. And it is important to me to make it easy and not time intensive. I integrated specific elements from my own professional skin care regimen to achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin effortlessly. My products contain ingredients which have been formulated especially for me by the world's best skin care experts. - RLB

Vanessa Williams ReVitalistic Skincare will launch on QVC this Friday, August 3, 2012. Her appearance is scheduled from 8-10 PM on The Lisa Robertson Show.

Vanessa Williams Photo Credit: Rod Spicer

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