Beauty Find - NARS Andy Warhol Collection Self-Portrait 3 Eye Palette

"I've Never Met a Person I couldn't call a beauty"....

Isn't that a wonderful thought?  

It's a quote from the famous 60's artist, Andy Warhol, and it printed on the inside of the NARS Andy Warhol Collection Self-Portrait 3 Eye Palette on the mirror (not shown in picture above).  

How's that for daily positive affirmation!

The palette design is based on his 1967 Self Portrait and is part of the NARS Limited Edition Andy Warhol collection. The 29-piece offering aims to capture the spirit of Warhol and his muses, and many of the colors used in the makeup directly linked to his artwork.

For those of you who are big NARS fans, there are a few other differences incorporated in to this eye shadow palette.  While the compact is made with the usual NARS black rubber casing, the size is larger than the standard NARS eyeshadow case, containing 0.42 oz. of eyeshadow.

The face in the portrait image is composed of Andy's face and three beautiful shades -  a deep matte brown, a copper/brown and a periwinkle blue. FYI: This portrait image is an "overspray" - meaning that when touched with the eye shadow brush, the matte brown outlining the face will" blow off" and just the three shades in the palette remain, (in the shape of Andy's silhouette).  I learned from NARS director of artistry,
James Boehmer, recently, that this is due to the technical difficulties of combining an image with three different shades of shadow melded together in a palette, all the way through to the bottom.  If you are buying this mainly as a collector's item, then please keep this in mind.

The three shades provide a lighter wash of color, so this is for a more subtle eye look. They are also a drier formulation, so a primer will get you your best results for shade and staying power.  I loved using the dark matte brown (to the far left) and the coppery-brown shade (center) shade blended together, as well and the matte brown wet as an eye liner with the periwinkle blue on the lid. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of NARS PR for reviewing purposes.

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