Body Care Find - Lush Dirty Springwash Shower Gel

*Back to School Pick! 

Minty, tingly....that's what you usually associate with a great toothpaste and how you feel after brushing.

Now, your whole body can feel that way with this amazing shower gel from Lush.

Yes, I know the name of the product has "Dirty" in it (the apposite of fresh and clean - and soap for that matter), makes you remember the name of it doesn't it? (LOL)

This deep blue gel body wash has as fresh as a scent as they come. 

The texture is "honey like" and very concentrated, so just a cap full is all that's needed to produce a nice lather on the skin.  The minty fragrance is very authentic and with it's added Baking Soda, it also made the gel feel even softer as it lathered.  After rinsing I felt super clean and fresh and my skin was very soft.

This is a must have for a morning pick me up or getting ready to go out in the evening after a long day.  It's also perfect to use after a big workout or day at the spa to feel completely refreshed and relaxed.

It's also unisex, so get a large one for yourself (16.9 oz) and share! - RLB

Go--> Lush Dirty Springwash Shower Gel 

*This product was provided courtesy of Lush PR for reviewing purposes. 

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Teethwhiteningkits2you said...

I must admit I was quite curious about this shower gel as I brought it when i was in my early days of Lush obession
It is a really nice shower gel and I love it
It smells like toothpaste (really minty) and kinda gives me an odd feeling in the back of my throat when I smell it out of the bottle but that is probably the only down point It is a really cool green colour
It lathers up really nicely in the bath or shower and smell stays with u for about 3 or 4 hours after you wash It gives you a cooling feeling which some people don't like but others do personally I think it is OK.Overall this is a really great shower gel and I reccommend that anyone who loves minty smells and likes to feel cool in a hot shower tries it out as it is really great.