Drugstore Buy of the Week - Yes to Carrots Anti-Frizz Cream

Yes To Carrots has expanded outside of their well known drugstore skincare line with a new haircare line.  

One of their products, Yes To Carrots Anti-Frizz Serum is made with healthy ingredients from Carrots, as well as Avocado and Mango Butter. *This product is 99% natural. 

Yes To Carrots Anti-Frizz Serum is a wonderful, low cost option to tame flyaways, end of day frizz and offer moisture to hair without any greasy feel or look. 

The texture is a medium thick cream (like a hair mask) but it thins out quickly when rubbed between the hands before applying. It's recommended for use on damp (not dry) hair. 

For loose to medium coiled curly hair, add about a quarter's worth, concentrating on the ends of hair. This allows the cream to define and smooth curls when they are dry. For naturally straight and wavy hair, start with a little less than a quarter's worth and add more if needed. When hair dries, it's smooth, silky and still has great movement - not sticky or weighed down. 

The scent is great - not really "carrot like" per say, but it's a touch sweet and fades away within a few minutes after applying. 

The pump container is great for travel and ease of use right out of the shower. So, say "Yes!" to this quick, cheap and easy way to tame frizz. - RLB 

Go-->Yes To Carrots Anti-Frizz Serum, 3 fl oz 

 *This product was provided courtesy of Yes To Carrots PR for reviewing purposes.

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