Fragrance Find - Donna Karan Woman perfume

Donna Karan's fragrance empire recently grew a little larger with her latest scent, Woman. 

This is a powerhouse perfume actually conceived, designed and created by 3 women - Donna Karan, Architect Zaha Hadid (who designed the bottle) and legendary Perfumer Anne Flipo. 
This is not only a very unique concept in scent creation today, but they actually developed something that is very rare in today's market - a scent that doesn't smell like anything else out there! 

It starts off strong, powerful and memorable - lots of vetiver and woody notes. After the first hour or so, it began feeling "creamy" and softer, but still woody with touches of citrus notes on and off. 

The dry down gets a bit more woody and spicy and settles into a nice warm feel. Woman doesn't really have any sweetness to it, and no real floral notes. The staying power is very good, so a morning application will get you through the day. 

Because this is such a woody, green fragrance, men who want to venture off the usual men's cologne path will also enjoy it. But at the end of the day, this is a strong, chic scent for a women who wants to announce herself when she enters a room - and make everyone smile. - RLB 

Fragrance Notes: Orange flower, Haitian Vetiver and Sandalwood. 

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*This product was provided courtesy of Donna Karan PR for reviewing purposes.

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