Fragrance Find - Swarovski Edition

Swarovski's second scent, Swarovski Edition, was developed by perfumer Sonia Constant and the bottle was inspired by a limited edition Swarovski evening bag. 

In honor of New York's 2012 Fashion Night Out on Sept. 6th, the fragrance will make it's debut exclusively at Swarovski boutiques nationwide - and you can see why it's billed as a "Fashion Fragrance". In the print ad  (shown, below) you can get a feel for how well they've pulled off the clutch bag reference. The bottle top and spray nozzle are at the top of the bottle when standing upright.

It's so glamorous and chic in real life! While it does not really double as a clutch, if you have the luxury of not having to bring one while out for a special evening, why not bring it along as a conversation piece/fragrance touch up? (It's only about 5 in" x 2.5in".)

The fragrance is light and sparkling. It starts with the citrus notes of clementine and becomes a bit sweeter as it warms up on the skin with the compliment of the red current jelly notes. 

For those of you who love light florals, this develops into a very pretty one with it's middle notes of rose and gardenia. I liked that the florals had a slight green twist to them, which gave it a bit of nice sharpness. The dry down was cedar and soft white musk - clean and light and silky smooth. 

This is a scent that can take you from day to evening with no problems and it has average longevity(about 6 hours before I refreshed),and average sillage.

Swarovski Edition is a nice little treat for yourself while you're out shopping on Sept. 6th, and even a great holiday gift for the fragrance lover in your life to get now. - RLB 

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Clementine, Red currant jelly 

Middle Notes: Wild rose blossom, Gardenia with a green note 

Base Notes: White musk, Cedar wood 

*This product was provided courtesy of Clarins Fragrance Group PR for reviewing purposes.

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