Beauty Find - Simply Vera Very Wang Soothing Balm

If you've checked out Kohl's department stores lately and entered the first floor, you may have been surprised by a new line of cosmetics from the legendary fashion designer Vera Wang, (who also has a line of clothing there).

The Simply Vera Vera Wang collection is housed in beautiful blue outer cases that are simple and chic with pretty white type.

The product jars and tubes are black and white - again simple and chic.  Most of the shades in the cosmetic collection are very, pretty, feminine practical colors which help to achieve that "natural with a bit of a kick" effect.  (I'll be talking more about some of the color cosmetics soon), but I wanted to start with one of the surprising stars of the collection.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Soothing Balm is a multipurpose product that at first glance is similar to other popular salves and balms on the market, but this one really impressed me.

First, the scent and taste is a honey-blend and absolutely devine!  The texture of the balm is slick and soft but not overly greasy.  It's like putting velvet on - that's how good it feels.  It felt remarkably light on both my lips, and my skin, which is another place the balm can be used.  In particular I loved using it at night on my hands, cuticles. It's also great to use around the eye area and dry elbows, feet and cheeks as well. What also impressed me what that the product does exactly what it says - my lips and skin remained moisturized, soft and smooth all day.

The finish adds a bit of sheen but it's not overly shiny or greasy at all.  Coming in at half an ounce, there's also a lot of product for your money.  The durable pot is easy to toss in most makeup bags and even better - only a small amount is needed to sooth and moisturize instantly.  If you never thought you'd become hooked on a balm, I'll tell you now  - you will when you try this one. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Simply Very Vera Wang PR for reviewing purposes.

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