Beauty Innovation - Talika Skin Retouch

Do you ever see yourself in the mirror and wish you could literally "Photoshop" your skin for a day - a'la your favorite models and celebrities in the magazines?

Talika Paris has created Skin Retouch in order to give you the ability to actually do this. Talika's founder created the product after being inspired from actual photo retouching techniques. 
The design of the tube is very unique, and yet simple to use.  I twisted the cap, which emits a click from the "locked" to "unlocked" position (perfect for travel and the office!).  

This allowed the product to be pressed though a small slit in the top of the tube.  The top also acts as a "spatula" which is recommended to apply this weightless liquid/gel-formula directly to the skin with.  Other options are using fingers, a foundation brush and a cosmetic sponge, but I found the best results were, in fact, using the built in spatula on the tube to apply.
Starting from the center of my face I spread the product along my skin, going towards the outer edges of my face. The product felt very dry, silky, and absorbed into my skin instantly.  It is recommended to wait about 30 seconds to fully dry before applying any other cosmetics.  

But, within seconds my skin did appear naturally matte, with a more even tone and a bit of "soft light focus glow".  Amazing!  It didn't dry out my skin, or clog my pores.  It added a touch of moisture, but if you have dry skin, you will need to add a lightweight moisturizer first.  My skin retained a fairly matte appearance throughout the day, with just a bit of shine that needed to be blotted in my t-zone.
Here are some important things to keep in mind when using this product:  This ideally should be applied on bare skin (and if you have a good skin tone then this would be all you'd need in the daytime, for example).  Then you can add a pressed powder or powder foundation over it - but NOT the other way around.  Also, if you need more coverage this can be used with foundation or BB Creams, but you must apply them FIRST, and then the Skin Retouch. 
Many times I just used it on it's own, particularly on the weekends when I didn't have as much makeup application time.  The product should also be applied in thin layers.  You can always add more if needed, as it might take a few thin layers to fill in larger pores and soften more pronounced wrinkles.
This is also a very high quality makeup primer, which really gave all my makeup more staying power during the day.  I'll be stashing this in my "must-have" beauty collection now for sure!  - RLB
*This product was provided courtesy of Talika PR for reviewing purposes.

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