Fragrance Find - PureDKNY A Drop of Rose

The scent from single rose can be a beautiful thing... 

But what does the new PureDKNY scent, A Drop of Rose, (which was created with just Turkish roses) smell like? 

It's feminine  - and while not complex, it's so thoroughly pretty this could become one of your favorite floral scents. What I loved - from start to finish, was just how soft and luscious the rose scent was (and I do mean REAL pink roses - not a chemical or artificial note in it). 

This scent was easy to wear, very fresh and young. The rose was a tad stronger in the beginning of the day, but retained a very nice, slightly powdery pink rose essence throughout the day. It had very good staying power, but I found I enjoyed refreshing in the early evening as well. I got so many compliments on this scent, in particular one in which I spritzed it right by my front entrance before entertaining one evening, and when the guests entered my home they ALL commented on how amazing I (and my home) smelled. 

Perhaps this could turn into a lovely complementary home fragrance as well? 

I found myself reaching for it more than several times a week - it's a light scent that still became etched in my memory, which is not always the case. If you are a fan of rose fragrances, or just want something new that's pretty, light and non-complicated, A Drop of Rose is a every bit perfection. - RLB 

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*This product was provided courtesy of DKNY PR for reviewing purposes.

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