Vapour Vernissage 3-Free Nail Lacquer For The Polish Addict!

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind


I'm not afraid to admit it – I'm a bit of a nail polish freak. I can typically call out the name of a popular nail lacquer shade – I'm talkin' exact brand and color name – just by looking at a coworker's fresh new manicure. I wouldn't exactly say I'm addicted... I just love nail trends and attempting to keep track of the hottest new shades! Is that so wrong? That said, it usually takes a pretty unique shade to actually impress me (I've kind of seen it all at this point), so I'm always open to trying out new brands to expand my nail lacquer knowledge.  

Vapour Vernissage 3-Free Nail Lacquer is 70% organic and 30% natural, cruelty-free, and free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB), and formaldehyde, nanoparticles, and parabens. In other words, you can get your polish on and maybe sleep better at night knowing you're releasing a little less toxins into the environment. My only complaint is that it doesn't come in more colors, but the ones that are available are well worth the $12 a pop! - Alexandra Gambardella

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