5 Tried and True Beauty Apps - Tools that Won't Make you Look Like a Hot Mess

This guest post is courtesy of Anna Cook 

Don’t get me wrong, I love all things beauty—doing my nails to match my outfit and using a bold shade of eye shadow to pop a black outfit. However, on some days (those lazy days), I wish there was an easier way to look hot without putting in so much effort!

It turns out there are some handy tools out there to help you choose a new hair color, get creative with your nails, and even fix a nasty makeup faux pas? With the following five tried and true beauty apps in your smart phone, you can be confident that you will never look like a hot mess…

1. PRIMP (Pretty In My Pocket)
Pretty In My Pocket (or PRIMP) is a free beauty app that provides stunning beauty recommendations for female shoppers. Although this app is still in Beta, it’s just like having a trusted girlfriend (who always looks put together) shop alongside you.  The app provides honest to goodness cosmetic product reviews from real women, so you know you can trust them and narrow down a mascara from the overwhelming array of products to find the one that truly works for you and your unique style. PRIMP offers an impressive database of thousands of beauty product reviews across a range of cosmetics—from local pharmacy beauty counters to exclusive beauty boutiques you can be confident of making a smart purchase. Simply launch the app and scan the product barcode to get professional advice from makeup artists, beauty bloggers like Risi-Leanne Baranja author of this very blog, Palacinka, and real women who have already given the product a trial run. If the product isn’t a fit, use the app to find an alternative product that you know will look lovely on you!

2. Pickie (shown, above)
The Pickie creates a personalized shopping magazine—especially for you! Just share products referred by your friends, the brands you love, and even what beauty categories you are most drawn to. Pickie will literally shop for you, scouring the web for the hottest and most popular beauty products based on your personalized tastes and preferences!

3. OPI Nail Studio (Free – for iPhone and iPad)
The OPI Nail Studio app is a real time saver! Just download this app, choose the skin tone of the hand that best matches your own, and try out different polish shades so you can choose your favorite at the make-up counter or before a mani pedi at the salon. The app features the classic favorites, plus all the newest and seasonal shades from the OPI Nail Studio.

4. GoodGuide (Free – for Android and iPhone)
If you lean to the natural side of the beauty spectrum then the GoodGuide app is the one for you! This tool will help you steer clear of harsh ingredients—things like phthalates, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfate as you shop. I use it on my trusty T-Mobile AndroidSamsung phone to scan product bar codes. The app will tell you exactly how green the product is, plus inform you if the product contains harsh chemicals that don’t suit your health or environmental beliefs. 

5. Color Me Stila (Free – for iPhone)
The Color Me Stila app, created by Stila Cosmetics, lets users upload a personal picture so they can sample different shades and beauty looks with the Stila cosmetics line. You literally use the app to "paint" your shade of choice on in 3 easy steps: choose a color, touch a part of the face you want to apply it to, and start shading. Once you find your perfect look, the app will provide a final image and a cosmetic checklist that you can bring shopping.

Author bio:
Anna Cook is a freelance writer who takes a hands-on approach to her print and online articles. The "DIY maven" has learned to tackle almost every do-it-yourself home renovation and beauty recipe…known to man or woman. Anna is known for sharing her personal and often humorous DIY stories, good and bad, in the various print and online articles she writes for sources like DIY Mother. When she's not writing, Anna can be found swinging a hammer, doing watercolor, or taking well deserved respite in the latest home she's renovated and decorated with her husband.

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