Beauty Find - Avene Skin Recovery Cream for Hypersensitive and Irritable Skin

Avene Skin Recovery Cream is one of those products that works amazingly well for a host of "emergency" skin concerns. 

One of the hazards of my beauty testing is that every once in a while my skin gets a little "cranky", let's say - little bumps where I normally never have them, or dry itchy patches.  It just so happens that Avene Skin Recovery Cream appeared on my desk a few weeks ago when I really needed it. 

This product, like many of Avene's other moisturizers, is made with their legendary and healing Eau Thermal Spring Water. 

The texture of the lotion is fragrance free, lovely - light, silky and creamy - but instantly absorbed into my skin, soothing it on contact. It's also quite concentrated with a nice amount of "slip" in it, so just about a pea-sized amount is enough for the face, with just a touch more needed if using for your neck. I also love the packaging, contains a unique retractable opening within the cap which keeps air and germs out.

Within the first day my skin was hydrated, while never upsetting the irritation (which was in the process of subsiding). I used this both day and evening, but depending on the level of dryness in your skin, you may just want to use this as a night time moisturizer.

My skin was baby soft, smooth and maintained a great texture. Note: If you are using this during a acne breakout, apply your acne treatment first, and then a light layer of the cream on your drier areas. 

This is also ideal for skin that's experiencing an allergic reaction to a topical product/food and dry and/or sensitive skin in the winter months as well. It's such an easy, effective quick treatment. 

This is now a permanent part of my "Emergency" Skin Care collection! - RLB  

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