Beauty Find - Vera Wang Smoothing Lip Color / Soothing Lip Primer

A few weeks ago I shared 1 of my favorite new lip treatments, which just so happens to be from legendary fashion designer Vera Wang's new cosmetic line for Kohls, Simply Vera Vera Wang.

There are two more products from the line that I loved and you will too.

First is the Soothing Lip Primer (pictured, below).  If you never used a primer for your lips, or simply never thought you needed one, this product will change your mind.  The texture is like a very lightweight lotion and just a pin-drop size is needed to cover the lips.  The product becomes dry upon application, but instantly hydrated my lips.  The finish is matte and it provides the perfect canvas to plump up any fine lines around the mouth, as well as eliminate any flakiness.  
After applying I would then add the Simply Vera Vera Wang Smoothing Lip Color.  One of my go-to shades for an everyday "don't have to think about it to get out of the door in the morning" shade is #706, which is a very pretty warm mauve/pink with brown undertones.  

Most of the colors in the lipstick collection are variations of pink, rose and brown - and will work to give a very natural, sophisticated look. It really is a very good interpretation of Vera Wang's design aesthetic. However, if you're looking for super bright reds, deep pinks, plums or shimmery finishes, they're not in this collection. 

The texture of the lipstick is amazing.  It goes on very smooth, yet extremely lightweight (almost weightless I would say).  The formula is all-day moisturizing, and combined with the primer, I got very good lasting power.  I generally only touched up at the end of the day, and could still see a bit of a stain left from my original morning application.   This set of lip products will make you smile each and every day. - RLB

Go--> Soothing Lip Primer 

Go--> Simply Vera Vera Wang Smoothing Lip Color

*These products were provided courtesy of Simply Vera Vera Wang PR for reviewing purposes. 

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