Fast Fixes for Bad Hair Days

This guest post is by Aly Walansky for Completely You

Sometimes washing our hair may feel like an indulgence, particularly when we’re short on time, or just don’t have the energy for it. The good news: Extending the time between shampoos is actually really good for hair—and our to-do list. And there are tons of ways to skip a hair-wash without looking like a mess!

Surface wash

I have tried this trick more times than I care to admit—and it’s super easy. Did you ever notice that when your hair is getting oily, you feel it most at the roots and hairline? Pull back your hair into a pony and section off the hair at the crown. Wash and dry just that part of your hair. It’s a lifesaver for those of us who have hair that’s very time-consuming to wash and dry.

Get a blowout
People call me the "blowout whore" (for lack of a more PC term) because I’m obsessed with them and will score one wherever possible. But even if you don’t have time for a full-on blowout, just blowing out the roots and sections that look dull or flat can add another day to your hair. Try to focus the dryer’s nozzle on the roots, and use some hair spray in those areas. The results will be surprisingly awesome!

Dry shampoo
You can find this product everywhere (seriously, there are a million brands of it out there), but in a pinch you can use baby powder, too. The powder will soak up all the grease in your roots. Use a towel to rub it into the roots of your hair and brush out the remainder so there’s no leftover white residue. There are also dry shampoo brands that make a spray powder in different shades, so if you want to be more exact, get one that’s closest to your hair color.

Morning-after hair
No, I don’t mean THAT kind of morning after hair—unless you do—but even the freshest of hair can fall flat after you sleep on it. I always travel with my flat iron for this reason—just run it through the pieces that look bent/folded/frizzed and it will recapture that sleek look you had before you fell asleep on the sofa (again!).

Of course, you already know about this standby…but it’s a standby for a reason! A sleek ponytail is a great way to refresh any bad (or unwashed) hair day. Plus, it takes no time at all! A fun spin on the pony (or the bun) is the very on-trend messy updo. Here’s an easy take for this style-saver: Put your hair in a loose ponytail, take a butterfly clip and clip it underneath the elastic, and then tuck the ends of the ponytail into the clip.

Add an accessory
They’re not only fun, but accessories can refresh your look with absolutely no styling. Whether you’re rocking the clip-in hair extensions — we’re obsessed! — or a hat, headband, or entirely different fashion, accessories are a fast way to turn that bad-hair day into a fabulous one!

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