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Are you a swimmer or teaching a little one to swim?

My Swim Cap is an amazing new swim cap (you will throw out any others you have after you try this one).  It came across my desk quite unexpectedly at the end of the summer, and it couldn't have been at a better time.

I've always been a lover of swimming for fun and fitness, and had just joined a new gym, as well as started swimming classes for my little sporty spice.

My Swim Cap is designed to keep water out and hair completely dry.  This is a welcome product after a getting a blow out, relaxer, color or even if you just have lots of hair (or extensions) that you just don't want to have to deal with drying after getting out of the pool.

It's very soft and stretchy, but sturdy,  with strategically placed fastening tabs in the back, which serve to seal the usual seepage areas (behind the ears and along the back of the neck).  The cap also never rides up or pops off while in the pool because it focuses the pressure only where it's needed, so it's also very comfortable. 

Because of the three sizes and the neoprene/spandex material, this will work on all hair types  - from very curly, braids/dreadlocks, very long/coarse, etc. We both used the Unisex size, but for very little children, the princess will be fine.  Each and every time, we came out of the pool with our hair completely dry - amazing!  Tip: If you have very long/thick hair, make sure you secure it well under the cap first (silicone rubber bands are great), to ensure no water will get in it while swimming.

It's also tear resistant and a breeze to quickly rinse and dry - which means you'll have this little wonder for a LONG time too! Pick up a few for the family, new swim classes or even for upcoming vacations. - RLB

The cap come in two colors: Black and Navy and 3 sizes: Princess, Unisex (for med/shoulder length hair) and Diva for very long/and or very thick, curly long hair (including extensions).

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AlohaDelRey said...

This does not work. Always the same thumbnail ladies claiming this works. My swim cap is fraud.