Men's Fragrance Find - James Bond 007 Signature Fragrance Collection

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I'm a huge Jame Bond movie fan (yes I've seen them all - some more than once thanks to Netflix!), and love the character's sense of style.  However, surprisingly, I'd never really given much thought to how he smelled (or even if he wore cologne). 

But with this fragrance's launch,  I started giving it some thought. I imagined the spy 007 has to smell good - but not necessarily unique! That's because I've read that in real life most spies actually try to avoid having a signature or very obvious scent because they are often undercover, in character, etc. and don't want to be recognized. 

So, it's interesting to me that the new men's fragrance James Bond 007 Signature Fragrance Collection is in a very cool, hyper-masculine bottle (the sleek, textured black glass bottle has a cool open-and-close twist mechanism. which does remind me of a small revolver or "spy gadget" when the cap is on). 

And while the scent is strong, slightly sweet and slightly spicy - it's not overly complex or unusual. Rather, it's sexy and classic at the same time. 

In other words, it's a scent that many men will like. 

It's considered a "aromatic fougere", and the apple notes, in particular, were very nice on my hubby who road tested this one. It was more of a green apple feel than very sweet apples.  The scent warmed up very quickly and that's where that spiciness from the Cardamom and Sandalwood came in. What makes it still classic and not too over the top to me are the nice green and slightly floral notes that also develop later with the scent. The dry down is fantastic - slightly dry and very woody. 

The staying power is very good and the "sillage" is above average. (which means that one will definitely smell a scented trail left by him when entering a room, walking past someone, etc). 

This scent may not turn the man in your life into a secret service agent - but trust me you'll find his scent rather easily irresistible, just like all the characters over the years who have fallen for Bond! - RLB 

Fragrance Notes: crisp apple, cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, lavender, moss and coumarin

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