Violent Eyes Eyeliner Decals: Wild Makeup Looks Made Easy!

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind 

From liquid liner to false lashes – even some of the simplest, iconic, age-old eye makeup looks require an almost unreasonable amount of patience and dexterity to apply. And forget about getting creative; unless you're going for that whole "intentionally undone" look, you better have a steady hand before you consider getting anywhere near your eye with the latest glitter-infused, pointy-tipped products on the beauty counters today! 

But don't give up yet – Violent Lips, known for their wild printed lip "tattoos," have recently unveiled a new product, Violent Eyes, a series of eyeliner decals that save you the pain of piling on products and crafting the perfect mess-free eye makeup look (not to mention the multiple touch-ups required to maintain it throughout the night)! Each set, whether you prefer one of their solid glitter designs or are gutsy enough to give rainbow a try, includes four different eyeliner styles. 

Simply choose your preferred shape and apply it with the aid of a water-soaked Q-tip (temporary tattoo style!) and you've got yourself an elaborate eye makeup look that took only minutes yet lasts up to 16 hours! While I'm still not convinced that applying the look flawlessly is any easier than your average challenge of applying liquid liner, with a little practice, it's certainly a style upgrade for special occasions! - Alexandra Gambardella

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