Fragrance Find - Dolce + Gabbana The One Perfume

Naming a scent "The One" is a very bold move for a company to make... 

But from the first spritz of this perfume and the way it wrapped around my skin and the air around me, I knew that this bold move was, in fact, a perfect one by Dolce and Gabbana

The One is an amazing fragrance all around. It's equal parts warm, sweet and powdery without turning to far into either one of these directions. This sweet floral oriental The opening notes are bright, sparkling and yet also warm. They really brought a smile to my face when I inhaled them. The scent does get a bit sweeter and warmer with the middle notes, but remains "clean" and somewhat light. This lasts virtually for hours until the beautiful, powdery, warm and slightly spicy dry down. 

This is one of those scents where everything blends together so beautifully, I really didn't get any jarring one-or-two notes here or there. It just remains a very balanced, fruity, warm scent throughout. The lasting power is 6+ hours on me, and it's a medium "silage" fragrance, meaning that people will generally need to be closer to you to smell it - as opposed to it entering a room before you. It's a scent that's very sophisticated and versatile, so this is great for both the office and after work. Because of it's warmth, it's also a great scent for Fall/Winter. 

For all of you bottle lovers, this is a beautiful, heavy cut glass that's spectacular on the vanity as well. This is a real treat for a lover of perfume, so pick up one for you - and one for a gift this holiday season! - RLB

Fragrance Notes: litchi, mandarin orange, peach, bergamot, lily, plum, jasmine, lily of the valley, musk, amber, vanilla, vetiver. 

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*This product was provided courtesy of Dolce +Gabbana PR for reviewing purposes.

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