Holiday Beauty Find - Hard Candy Walk the Line Glitter Eyeliner, Sparkle Black

For the next few weeks, in addition to my Holiday Gift Finds for this year, I'll also be sharing some great sparkly and glitzy beauty products specifically to wear to all your great holiday parties, festivities and other events.

Sometimes I love the idea of sparkling eye makeup that's not necessarily eye shadow, so these Hard Candy Walk the Line Glitter Eyeliner's are just perfect. 

Walk the Line liquid liners come in a cute tube with decorative Hard Candy packaging and a long thin brush. Sparkle Black is a very deep, shiny black shade with multicolored glitter particles. They are small enough that they don't irritate the eye, but there are enough of them that the sparkle effect is seen very easily when doing either a full or modified cat eye. 

The texture of the liner is thin, but not watery, and it dries quickly and then doesn't move at all (also waterproof), which is great. The liner didn't fade and the glitter also didn't drift on to the eyelid or face. 

The wand is long and light, so those of you who don't use liquid liner often, I recommend practicing by tracing a line with pencil first and then apply the liner over it to get the hang of it. 

This liner is just the item to finish off a glam holiday look - and for only $6! - RLB 

Go--> Hard Candy Walk the Line Glitter Eyeliner, Sparkle Black 

*This product was provided courtesy of Hard Candy PR for reviewing purposes.

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