Holiday Gift Find #9 - NARS Andy Warhol Photo Booth Nail Set

*Under $40 Gift Pick!* 

The NARS Andy Warhol collection has even more great sets for gift giving, like this Andy Warhol Photo Booth Nail Set, which are perfect for holiday gift giving. 

There are four polishes included in the set which give you 3 great nail color basics to cover every occasion and mood - plus one for a little holiday flash: 
Back Room -- Black 
Soup Can -- Vivid red 
Chelsea Girls -- Modern beige 
Silver Factory -- Aluminum 

NARS polishes are creamy, smooth and apply easily, and all four polishes have great staying power and beautiful shine. The special limited edition packaging features a digital print paper sheath of Andy in an actual photo booth complete with his photos. 

Don't miss out on picking this special Warhol gift set for the beauty lover in your life! - RLB 
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