Beauty Find - Cinema Secrets Professional Makeup Brush Cleanser

A makeup brush cleanser that smells like Vanilla?

A brush cleanser that takes EVERY single ounce of makeup out of your brushes - yet still leaves them soft and conditioned?

A brush cleanser that will also dry your brushes in about 5 min?

If you say - "Yes - this is what I need in a brush cleanser", then Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleanser is for you!

All you need to do with this liquid cleanser is dip your brush inside the tube of blue liquid.  Next you swipe the brush on a paper towel and just be amazed by how much makeup will start to come off.  Within minutes you can use that same makeup brush and it's clean and dry!  As a great bonus, your brushes will also smell like vanilla (it's not too strong, artificial or overbearing).  The formula also sanitizes the brushes and kills bacteria.

As this is a pricier makeup brush cleanser product than you may be used to, a great money saving tip is to add the liquid to a spray bottle with a twist closure nozzle, then spray directly on your paper towel or cloth towel and swipe back and forth until you can no longer see any product coming off.  Then lay flat for a few minutes on a towel until they dry.

Whether you are a casual makeup wearer, makeup lover or a makeup artist, you NEED this makeup brush cleanser! You're makeup brushes will never be cleaner. - RLB

Note: This product is not made with alcohol but it does contain turpentine and should not be used near heat or flame. Recommended for both natural and synthetic brushes.

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