Body Care Find - Clarins Renew Plus Body Serum

Most of you beauty lovers know how amazing a great serum can feel on your face.

But how many of you have treated yourselves to the luxurious feeling and skin care benefits on a body serum?

My advice is to treat yourself and pick up Clarins Renew Plus Body Serum, a silky smooth, lightweight, easily absorbing serum to rehydrate and improve the look of your body skin.  

The fragrance is absolutely one of the high points of this product.  It's a beautiful, relaxing soft floral/powder scent which made it a favorite to apply in the evening before bedtime. 
But it was equally just as pleasant to use in the morning after a shower because it absorbed quickly and I was able to layer on other products easily and without any heavy or greasy feeling. Another bonus: If I didn't have any time to apply additional fragrance in the morning, I could catch faint whiffs of this product during the day that I also really enjoyed.

After using for several weeks I could see that the tone of my skin, (particularly on my legs) was smoother and softer and had a wonderful glow to it. It smoothed out the rougher areas on my skin, and overall my skin tone was improved as well. I also found that this made a great treatment for the décolletage area and I also saw a lot more luminosity there as well.

However, it should be noted that if you have very dry skin or are in cold/very dry climates, you will need to layer on additional body lotion, since that is not this product's primary function.  That said, during hot/humid summer months or for those of you will normal/oily skin, this will be all you need for a body treatment, and that's how I plan on using it when summer comes around. 

Since it's a pricier body care item, you may want to save this for use on a Sunday evening after a relaxing bath, or as part of an occasional massage, for example.

Give your body the same type of pampering you give your face in 2013  - and you'll be very happy you did! - RLB

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