Luvocracy - The New Way To Shop For Beauty!

I recently got an amazing opportunity to join a new social shopping site called Luvocracy (as in "Love"). It's a great way to buy recommended pins, posts, tweets and shares found on the web.

What's great about Luvocracy is that it helps to streamline the way you shop online by providing you with a way to find products you're sure to love, recommended to you by people you trust - bloggers, experts, and taste makers (like, hopefully me! :). 
I'm thrilled that I have another platform like Luvocracy, where I can not only share great beauty products, but also other products I'm passionate about - like accessories, lifestyle items, and home decor.  I'm continually adding to my recommendations, so check out my Luvocracy collections so far!

How it works
Pretty much anything for sale online can easily be purchased on Luvocracy. Once you set up your account, anything you want to buy is just a click away.
Most importantly, your credit card information and email address will never leave Luvocracy.

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