Beauty Find - Ellis Faas Mascara

What makes ELLIS FAAS Mascara  different from others is not just the packaging - although for your beauty aficionados, the Ellie Faas "bullet" shaped products look like nothing else on the market.  It's formula is very luxe, and most importantly, still extremely effective at separating and lengthening lashes.

What I noticed with just the first coat of this mascara was how creamy/thick the texture was.  It applied very smoothly and gave me instant volume with no clumping (note: I did get better results with a quick swipe of the brush along the edge of the tube first).

The brush is on the longer side, which allowed me to get lashes in the inner/outer corner with ease.  With two coats I got excellent separation and even more dramatic length.  The dry time took a tad big longer that some other brands, but nothing inconvienent.  

After drying, my lashes never flaked or smudged.  There are two shades, the black and a milk chocolate shade which is perfect for those with lighter/blond/red hair and lighter lashes.  If you're a mascara junkie - add this one to your list to try! - RLB

Go-->ELLIS FAAS Mascara E401 0.277 oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Ellis Faas PR for reviewing purposes.

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